Stella van der Horst


the experience
[a memorable experience that touches people]

the architect

If there is a need for a new vision, knowledge is often gathered through desk research or assumptions are made based on the past.

Too little is really watched and listened to. Only if we learn to look better – in the real world, on the street, in organizations and at people’s behavior now and in the future – we can achieve relevant and sustainable impact. That is why an inspirational journey is always part of our projects. Break free from your own environment and ideas, which sometimes also hinder.

At Fresh Forward, in addition to project management, I am involved in shaping the inspirational journeys. I do this by always finding the right inspiration for our customers together with our Connectors Network. Designing these trips together with our team and thus contributing to more positive impact is what makes my heart beat faster.



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Fresh Forward in het nieuws: Heteren

Fresh Forward gaat samen met alle betrokkenen een uniek, nieuw stadshart voor Heteren ontwikkelen. We presenteerden ons plan tijdens een bewoners- en persbijeenkomst die met veel enthousiasme door de bewoners werd ontvangen. Een mooi voorbeeld van hoe wij ‘spacemaking’ aanpakken, en samen met onze klanten aantrekkelijke woon-, werk- en recreëeromgevingen ontwikkelen. Wil je meer weten

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