Jempi Moens

Founding Partner & Chief Imagination Officer

As Chief Imagination Officer I am always looking for real innovation. In the nineties I discovered that creativity and imagination are the keys to achieving impactful innovation… away from the conference tables and spreadsheets. Working from a shared dream, a lived desire, that is the philosophy we have at Fresh Forward: business by desire. I am proud that we have already been able to work with so many organizations and brands and have developed their ‘next level’ based on this philosophy. From this base I have it in 2017 LUNAR Institute was founded, a training institute and community for curious and progressive leaders.

I received the Tintin rocket in 2001 (a mega one) with the thought: may your new initiatives also go like a rocket! And off they went: Fresh Forward (the second stage) and 17 years later LUNAR Institute (the third stage)!


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