Carlo van Kessel

Partner & Chief Connection Officer

In an era where technological developments and digitization have a major impact on our lives, I believe perhaps more than ever in the statement ‘the most valuable bonds are still the humankind’. That’s what drives me. Because the connection that we as humans make with each other is what makes us unique. In that contact we create unique experiences that ensure that together we start to believe in something, long for something, get moving and therefore develop ourselves. That’s why I love to be the Chief Connection Officer at Fresh Forward.

I bought the ball at Camp Nou for Fresh Forward’s tenth anniversary. Football is the sport that I grew up with, enjoyed a lot and made friendships for life. Although the ball with lace is a replica, it represents its heritage: authenticity, passion and camaraderie. From a club that has played at the highest level for years, dictates football and knows how to give new impulses. Barcelona is ‘més que un club’ (more than a club). And so is Fresh Forward. That’s how I feel: together we are more than a strategy agency.

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Fresh Forward en Make-A-Wish verbinden

Sinds begin 2020 zijn Make-A-Wish Nederland en Fresh Forward een partnerschap aangegaan. We zien kansen om de concepten die Make-A-Wish voor de zakelijke markt ontwikkelde, toe te passen bij onze eigen klanten. Make-A-Wish kan weer gebruik maken van de kennis, tools en werkmethodieken van Fresh Forward.

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