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The world we know is changing continuously and faster than ever. Developments are speeding up and their impact is greater. We are at a tipping point. After a long period of growing self-confidence, we enter a period of uncertainty.

It is up to organisations to reinvent themselves in this period. What do you stand for? Which direction are you going? How do you deal with the tension between old and new? Between holding on to what you have got and radical renewal? Between clarity and agility? And what mentality and behavior are needed to realize this new direction?


In a decade of constant change and growing uncertainty creativity, flexibility and connection are more important than ever. A liquid society requires liquid organisations. That starts with a strong common desire. An inspiring and motivating future dream about how you want to be meaningful as an organisation. Supported by a clear strategic & human design to realize this vision. We also call this 'humanification of organisations'.

Creative leap

Each process is about involvement and insights from the organisation itself. Together with a Dream Team from the organisation, we make a creative leap. Not a paper exercise or linear process, but discovering the organisation's desire together. We immerse ourselves in the current culture and the unique strength of your organisation and pick up the most important developments and challenges through 'connects' with customers, stakeholders and employees.

Connected to the outside world

The next step is to broaden the framework. With the help of the LUNAR Futurise® trend model and our worldwide connectors network, we experience and interpret the zeitgeist. We connect you to the outside world and you get an explanatory framework for the needs and additional behaviors that we will see over the next 10 years. A crucial part of every creative leap is the inspiration journey, where you have experiences and encounters outside your reference framework and which opens your world.

Strategic en human design

We use the power of imagination to translate the insights and inspiration into an energizing and directional desire (vision) for your organisation. We start moving from that desire. We translate the desire into clear areas to focus on (strategy) and define which concrete initiatives contribute to this (proof points). Based on this strategic design, we look at what leadership, what mentality and what kind of behavior is needed to get and stay to get and keep moving successfully. We outline and implement this human design in collaboration with LUNAR Institute.

What distinguishes us?

  • Creative leap – together we search for desire, energy and focus
  • Futurise® trend model – you will identify, experience and translate the mindset for the next 10 years into opportunities
  • Power of imagination – you as an organisation will create a new reality from fresh insights and imagination, feeling strongly you are in this together
  • Strategic & human design – a clear integrated approach supported by Fresh Forward en LUNAR Institute to get and keep moving succesfully

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