Creating environments with a positive impact




Vision and strategy for environments

Forward Spaces

We live in a time of continuous change in which more and more can go and does go digital. This impacts all of us and our environments. These are being put to the test: vacancy figures are increasing and achieving visitor numbers is a challenge. How do you make a city center attractive? How do you keep attracting visitors? And how can a working environment contribute to the well-being of employees? We create environments with a magnetic effect and a positive impact on people.

Magnetic effect

With Forward Spaces we create concepts for environments with a positive impact. Environments that are of real significance to people, provide connection, are circular and provide an experience. Environments with a magnetic effect where people like to come and be.

Forward Spaces

Forward Spaces is for everyone who deals with environments: from inner cities and work environments to environments for living and recreation.

Our approach

We go on a journey with a Dream Team (a team of experienced and fresh people from the organisation and/or environment). In several steps we discover and create environmental concepts based on insight, inspiration and creativity. No environment is the same, which is why a tailor-made trip is formed for every question. We create the concept with our FORWARD SPACESĀ® model. Read more about the ingredients in our approach:

What are the benefits?

At the end of the process we have a next-level environmental concept, both in images and in words. Concrete initiatives and pillars have been developed to meet the environment. We have a clear understanding of the changing world and its consequences and possibilities for environments. And there is a motivated Dream Team with ambassadors who are committed to realizing the next level of the environment.