Impact in a changing playing field

Vision and strategy for brands

Brands of the future

In the current decade, we see different consumer behavior and needs emerging. The changing competitive field is a smart response to this. And new players from other sectors are entering the market. The demand for real innovation is increasing and with it the pressure for successful innovations. Finally, brands are expected to make a positive contribution to society. No greenwashing, but actual impact.

The brands of the future will therefore have to prove themselves in other ways and find renewed relevance.

Our vision

With our Brand Impact approach, we create, together with our customers, a brand with a positive impact on the future. A brand that is relevant to people (consumers, employees and customers), that contributes to a better society and can therefore achieve sustainable growth. We call this Brand Impact.

Brand challenges

Brand Impact is for everyone who deals with brand challenges such as: (re) positioning, brand purpose, brand identity, values and brand innovations and activations.

Our approach

In 4 steps, together with a brand ambassador team (a team of experienced and fresh thinkers from the organisation), we create a brand with a positive impact for the future. Neither brand nor market is the same, which is why a tailor-made process is created for every question. The following components are included in each process:

1. Deep dive: understanding the current situation and developments of brands from the total playing field: consumer, customer, competition and category. 2. Imagine: based on inspiration outside industry, meetings with consumers and/or customers, the Futurise® trend model from our LUNAR Institute and the Brand Impact model®, we arrive at the next level for a brand. 3. Analysis: by bringing together, on the one hand, the 'deep dive' of the playing field and on the other hand the ambitions from 'imagine' we will achieve a razor-sharp, future-proof identity & positioning. 4. Truth: concretizing the next level. Depending on the question, we arrive at the burden of proof for the brand.

What are the benefits?

A project produces a brand with a positive impact for (1) people (consumers, employees and customers), (2) that contributes to a better society and can therefore (3) achieve sustainable growth. We have gained a keen insight into the changing world and its consequences and possibilities for the brand. We have also developed a concrete burden of proof, appropriate to the brand: portfolio implications, innovations, activations and/ or communication (form and language) for both internal and external. Finally, there is a brand ambassador team that will realize the next level of brand and make a connection with the entire organisation.

Table book

The entire brand story and the way to it are published in a personal table book.

Brand Impact Model

The Brand Impact Model was developed based on 35 years of experience and research in the world of brands. Based on this model, we know which elements we need to work on to create a brand that is prepared for the future.

Brand Impact

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