LUNAR Institute

LUNAR Institute is the training institute for curious and progressive leaders who want to deal positively and enterprisingly with change and progress. LUNAR focuses on progress: future developments in, for example, the world of human-centered technology, the brain, positive psychology and the purpose economy.


By immersing yourself in the changing world and then reflecting on what this means for you as a professional, you make this knowledge about progress accessible and practically usable. And you develop yourself together with other professionals from different industries.


LUNAR is 'ignited by' Fresh Forward. Where Fresh Forward inspires organisations to develop and implement their strategy based on their desire, LUNAR focuses on the professional. Personal development is central to this. LUNAR has the ambition to develop working from desire (enthusiasm, inspiration, intrinsic motivation) into a larger social movement.

Lunar Society

The name LUNAR Institute is a nod to the Lunar Society, the society of scientists and entrepreneurs that laid the groundwork for the industrial revolution in the 18th century.

The team of LUNAR Institute