Humanification is the philosophy of humanizing organisations. The new perspective for the brands and organisations of the future.

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New mindset

In a liquid society (Liquid Modernity – Zygmunt Bauman) change is the only constant factor. Developments are going faster and their impact is greater. Future perspectives and strategies are faced with increasing uncertainties.

At the same time, productivity is stabilizing and employee engagement is alarmingly low. In the Netherlands, only 9% are involved in his or her work. Approximately 80% don’t feel engaged and 11% are actively disengaged. People are stuck in their jobs, work on autopilot and have the feeling that they cannot fully show themselves.

Brands and organisations also seem to lose their connection with the outside world. People are increasingly pessimistic about the future and the role brands and organisations can play in it. The promises made on the outside are not experienced on the inside. And you sense that.

How can brands and organisations regain their energy and play a positive role in a constantly changing world that yearns for a positive impact? That requires a new mentality.

Strategic & human design

Humanification is that new mentality. A mindset that simply adds the human factor back to brands and organisations. This starts with a shared desire (a dream, deep belief, or purpose) that comes to life through a continuous interaction between strategic & human design. A mentality in which the inside and outside world continuously work together and where creativity, connection and flexibility are central.

On this page, we take you along with the latest developments and publications on the philosophy of ‘Humanification’. This way you can prepare your brand or organisation for the future.