To get inspired, experience together and take a creative leap

Our approach

We work online as well!

Usually we work with groups at our Service Station. But during this time we have also developed and deployed online options. We have several options to work together from home in the same positive way through Microsoft Teams, live stream and our Fresh Forward app and achieve great results. Our Service Station has now been fully equipped to keep the 1.5 meters distance. So there is plenty of choice from our online and offline offer to get started together!

Microsoft Teams

Co-creation with Dream Team

We are co-creators. We believe that experiencing ourselves increases the creative power in the process and that we achieve the best results by deploying everyone’s talent. That is why we work together with a ‘Dream Team’ for every customer. We set up the Dream Team, in consultation with different people from the organisation, depending on the objective of the process. The Dream Team will work together throughout the entire process to develop that vision and strategy. By working with a Dream Team, the result is 100% of the organisation itself and a widely felt and supported vision is created. The Dream Team members then form the ambassadors within and outside the organization to spread the story, which is essential for success.

A creatieve leap

At Fresh Forward, we always go for original next-level solutions. To get there, you have to dare to take a creative leap with us. With us, no paper exercise and linear process, but living through and shaping that next level together, so that we can give substance to it based on energy and desire. Our creative leap consists several ingredients that we go through in the process with the Dream Team:


We get inspired and have experiences and encounters outside our frames of reference.

The Future

We gain insight into the future with Futurise®; the trend model from LUNAR Institute and Fresh Forward, which predicts the future through the rhythm of society.


We connect with our environment. This may be our own internal organisation, or the outside world with our stakeholders, target group or customers. We do this in person or with our online tools, at different times.


We use the power of imagination to translate inspiration and insights into visions and strategies for organisations, brands and environments.

Our FF app

We always work with our Fresh Forward app in our processes. We gain inspiration and share it through the app, work together and bring our insights together.

Next steps

We are also happy to guide follow-up steps after the process. Consider, for example, involving employees or stakeholders, translating values to the organisation, developing an appropriate (work) environment, creating personas and optimizing customer journeys.